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Bespoke Residential Construction

For bespoke residential construction projects, we are just as happy to provide our own trusted architects and engineers as we are to work with those appointed by the client. But whatever stage your project is at we will advise you on the best way to proceed based on your budget and timescales.

We work with you from the beginning

We believe that working in collaboration with our clients on their bespoke residential construction project and involving them in the development and specification of the building, is the best way to ensure success. In our experience, the best results occur when we are present at the design stage as our knowledge is beneficial in identifying any problems and ensuring works are carried out in an efficient manner.

As a trusted, national contractor we frequently build unique, private residential architect-designed homes of exceptional quality. Our experience in this field has allowed us to bring a number of high-specification new build projects to life and this is a testament to our diverse and professional workforce.

Bespoke residential housing, as a key facet of construction in the North East, is an integral part of our ongoing workload.

  • Grey House Pert Bruce Construction
  • Glen Lenthnot Bespoke Residential Construction Pert Bruce
  • River View - Bespoke Residential Construction

Recently Completed Construction Projects

Bespoke Residential Construction in North East Scotland

From bright modernist urban dwellings to a more traditional construction high up in a glen, here are a few of our recent residential projects.

  • New bespoke four bedroom house for a private client, contemporary design in a rural Angus location.

  • New bespoke five-bedroom house for a private client, contemporary design in a rural Angus location.

  • Construction of a new build three-bedroom dwelling house located high up in a secluded Angus glen.

  • Refurbishment of existing farm buildings and construction of a new five-bedroom dwelling house in a contemporary style.

  • Construction of a bespoke residential house for a private Client to a high specification; a 5-bed detached house built into a sloping site.

  • Gray House was a bespoke residential construction. A new build modernist-style house, with garage and associated external works within a suburban site in St Andrews, Fife.