Pert Bruce Construction

Our mission – To Provide Inspired Bespoke Construction

Pert Bruce is a versatile construction company building beautiful, high-quality homes and commercial properties across Scotland. We offer our clients “Inspired Bespoke Construction” that combines the finest craftsmanship with exceptional customer service. Every project that we undertake is unique, and we treat every client as an individual.

From our office in Montrose, Pert Bruce works with your architect or design team to create your perfect home or ideal business property that will not only give you value for your money but will also be completed within a reasonable timescale, all while making sure safe working conditions are met at all time. The types of buildings we offer can range from Lochside villas to hilltop hideaways, from commercial and historic buildings to farm steadings. Here at Pert Bruce we have worked on a vast range of different and unique properties. We also work with some of the best sub contractors that have in-depth experience in civil engineering that can bring a range of professional groundworks services to your site.

With a proven history, Pert Bruce has an invaluable reputation for the quality of buildings we create. From the overall look and presentation of your property down to the finest detail, from construction to joinery and interiors, every part has been worked on by our experienced and skilled team.

What our Clients & Partners say…

“I am very pleased that I entrusted this firm with the renovation of my old apartment because I just couldn’t leave the place in such a bad condition. This company has undertaken a whole renovation. It has fully been taken care of the whole job by the team. I was fully satisfied with their job, I think it worth every penny for it.”


“I have never before been a position where I have felt that the excellent scores I have given above were even pertinent, let alone so well deserved. The personal and immediate attention of the management team, when it was requested/required was excellent and a key to the end result. Performance time and cost parameters were kept – except where they were outwith the company’s control. We have had experiences of other main contractors and PB behaved and performed in a manner, head and shoulders above them.”

Rear Admiral Christopher Hockley, Chief Executive of The MacRobert Trust