Pert Bruce Construction

Commitment to Sustainability

PertBruce is firmly committed to working sustainably. One of the first steps in our environmental policy is to cut down on our carbon emission and to do that we have slowly introduced electrical vehicles for our staff and have installed charging points for them.

We maintain a high level of commitment to sound environmental policies throughout the business.

We only buy our timber from FSC or PEFC approved suppliers. When ordered, we stipulate that at least 70% of the timber to be supplied must be from sustainable sources.

We will aim to reduce packaging by good procurement, and by entering into discussions with manufacturers and suppliers with a view to reducing packaging wherever possible and to encourage the use of recyclable packaging.

We operate a policy of minimising the production of wastage through mindful purchasing of materials and using reusable and recyclable materials wherever we can. We’re certified by SEPA for the carrying of waste, and our Site Manager oversees waste management on a day to day basis to ensure that our company procedures are followed. This includes everything from the storage of waste to recycling materials with the aim to minimise the waste we produce.

Our team are expected to follow these procedures and cooperate with management in the goal to reduce our impact on the environment. These efforts have been recognised with our ISO 14001 accreditation.

PertBruce is committed to evolving its environmental policy in order to support the Scottish governments target of net-zero greenhouse gas emission by 2045.

What our Clients & Partners say…

“I am very pleased that I entrusted this firm with the renovation of my old apartment because I just couldn’t leave the place in such a bad condition. This company has undertaken a whole renovation. It has fully been taken care of the whole job by the team. I was fully satisfied with their job, I think it worth every penny for it.”


“I have never before been a position where I have felt that the excellent scores I have given above were even pertinent, let alone so well deserved. The personal and immediate attention of the management team, when it was requested/required was excellent and a key to the end result. Performance time and cost parameters were kept – except where they were outwith the company’s control. We have had experiences of other main contractors and PB behaved and performed in a manner, head and shoulders above them.”

Rear Admiral Christopher Hockley, Chief Executive of The MacRobert Trust